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2003-02-24 04:31:36 (UTC)

3 days and all i got was this lousy entry.

hey all you fuckers...

well this diary is gonna encompass three days of my life
and its etheral qualities and experiences...



well during the day we had Jo's film went splendid...i
had no idea that i was such a good and Jo are like holy shit i didn't know i could do
that!...the lighting was so good...even our professor came in to the
set (why i don't know but Jo was like hi we're shooting can you
leave? haha) and he said to me "are you the DOP? im like yeah...hes
like wow good like thanks...seriously i so surprised
myself...Jo was so happy which made me happy...we had all these
amazing dolly shots ahhh it came out soo gave us so much
confidence in our next movie...we're like we actually did something
productive...her crew was pretty much like four people
that's it...marcus the hot actor guy was so super hot and super nice
and super hyper...he was like on coke or something man he wouldn't
stop moving or talking all day...but that was good...the actors were
happy and so were we...we stayed there till 7 then i came home and


well friday night, ladies and gents, i woke up at 11 after a nap and
we went to alexis and was alright...i feel dumb
for not going to the second floor because it would have been so
much more my style...but that's ok because sweaty guys
with no shirts on E and K is soo good...k journal is on
hold because dirto is here...i'll be arnold on
k so im back now...its 2:30 in the where was i?
riiighhttt yeah we went to IT and it was alright...i said
that already yeah?...we drank in the car beforehand like ghetto
superstars on welfare checks but who cares Alex didn't
get laid but apparently he made out with two people!! i didn't see
this so he could be lying that monochromatic and ray
just kind of danced like lonesome doves on a cold spring
night...haha...but that's ok because 5IVE is happening this
wednesday and we're not gonna get laid (reverse psychology on'll work trust me) and NAT you are SOOO invited so come
please...girls go me...there's always friday yeah we left the club at 5 i think who
knows...i dropped off the studettes and came home and ate rapini and
broccoli...who the fuck eats that at 6 in the morning i dunno but i
did...oh yeah then i masturbated to was fun...i then went
to bed



well i woke up on saturday at 2 and felt gross and hungover...i ate
and shit and stuff and got ready to help Jo downtown take down the
set...i got there at 4 and we painted the sets over with the worst
paint job in the world...Jo took a huge flip while we were tearing
down flats...hahaha it was so like Jo watch theres the
clamps on the floor...shes like oh i know i was gonna tell you to
move we're walking with the flat two seconds later she
flips and I pissed my pants for so we did that and
tore down the set and now things still need to be painted (the floor
and a flat) but its all gone...kind of sad...but in the end it
should be i left downtown at 6:30 and got home and ate and
stuff...took a nap...


i was supposed to go out with lisa to phoenix but i didn't end up
going...i was supposed to go with Jo to Romeo and Juliet Remixed and
i didn't end up going...Natalie had some sort of freakout depression
thing of North South Zaire and was freaked out that our friendship
sucked balls (?) which still confuses me to blaming it on
her being way too emotional and being a girl yeah...taking gender
sterotypes and using them i don't care what you guys la la
la la i don't hear you what? anyways we had the worst snowstorm
of the millenuim and didn't end up going out at all...alex came over
and we made up our hair like girls...i looked SOOOO HOT...don't
listen to alex hes just jealous...haha...i really wanted to paint my
nails but that didn't i drank and danced for alex and we
listened to 80's and 90's tunes...alex sat on the couch and did
nothing...then we talked about our nonexistent relationships and
boyfriends and kind of depressed but not really...i
totally forced him to go to dominion with me to get sushi...and we
did that at 2:30 and got no sushi...i did steal the following from
dominion however:
chocolate, olives, bocconcini, crusted cheddar cheese from buns,
peanuts, prunes, carrot chips (?), and breadsticks from the kraft
cheese things
i felt very fulfilled...we bought pitas and dips and came back to my
house and ate them like voracious animals...i warmed up lisas five
day old pad thai and alex didn't like it so i ate all the tofu and
shrimp and threw the rest out...i then proceeded to go to bed...



woke up at 10:15...decided i felt gross and ate egg whites with
black pepper...not bad...i didn't have time to shit cause i had to
shave...went outside and found the cars covered in 6666666 miles of
snow so it tooke me so long to wipe it off...i started work at 11
and got there at 11:35...there was only four people working
including the manager because four people called in sick or snowed was dead...the guy at work, adrian, i used to have a crush
on him and i still do...he is so fucking hot...i don't know what it
is with him...i stared at his ass for like 2 hours in total
today...hahaha im so horny...i went to get salad for lunch..jessica
vitale came in and developed pictures...she was a friend of mine
when i was 4 until 12 or 13...we played stickers and house and all
girly grade 8 her and all the other girls on my street
were like are you gay and im like no your crazy...haha good came home at 5:45 took a shit and ate...


aldirto finally came over...i haven't seen him in years...he brought
me his pictures from montreal and his party...we talked and i slept
after while he was here...haha...fuck i was tired...anyways so yeah
i talked to him...he seemed a little out of it because of ricardo
and jonoton...i can't help but feel so bad with whats happening with
him and jon...they were best friends for so long and then me and
natalie come along and bring everything out in the open between them
and now they're like not talking...i hope it works out between has to...but yeah so he ended up leaving and then i took a
shit and masturbated...weird hmmm...well since this is my journal i
might as well just use it to say stuff...well lets go back in time
here...when i first met aldirto i liked him...i thought he was cute
and would be good to fool around this is the first week
we're talking about here...but since then we've turned into really
good friends and its better that way since i don't even like him
anymore...this seems to be my thing since the same thing happened
with me and alexis (lets all remember the natalie diary fiasco of
years past...oh wait was that only three weeks ago? hahaha don't
worry alex i still love you i just don't want to fuck you now LOL i'd like to know why i stop liking people after one
week? hi can you say emotional unstability...regardless like really
thats my other thing...but anyways totally off topic...but back to
why i was writing this...k i was having weird thoughts about what it
would be like to have sex with alberto and the strangest thing was
that it was turning me on! hahaha OMG like what was he
was here and he was really horny and stuff and i swear to god that
if we were even a little bit drunk we totally would have had this little bit of knowledge makes me feel a
little i don't like aldirto natalie and alex relax
with your crazy thoughts you bitches trust me, but i just don't know
what to think of that...does it mean something? like i don't think
of having sex with alex or ray so i dunno...anyways so that's why i
masturbated because i was really this can't turn into
an tomorrow i wanna wake up and be like oh i was just
tired...k back to normal things...natalie and alex and jon from
malta came over...we watched joy of pain again for the fifteenth
hundred time for gonna kill myself if i watch that
again...then we were supposed to watch friends, will and grace and
they did but i fell asleep...haha...fuck you sluts i was tired...i
have a life remember? anyways i woke up they left i ate some salmon
and chicken and now im writing in here after browsing the i
guess that's my diary entry for the past three days...tomorrow i
have to go downtown to location scout and watch a movie and maybe go
see the ladytron concert...depends on the day..first things first IM

Nighty Night Children of the Corn...
Renzo Bombastic Fantastic

P.S. why do i have this feeling that im gonna get calls from alex
hahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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