lost in the dark
2001-09-29 02:49:37 (UTC)

Thoughts that come together...

Sitting here if front of the computers. Just thinking
while waiting for something to happen. I had lots of time
on my hands to think today. After I slept most of the day
away. Took some pills for this stupid cold. And if anyone
that nows me knows that I usaully don't take pills to help
fight colds. I can usaully ride a cold up with in a day or
two, but this one has a hold on me like there is no
tomorra. My mind for some reason at the moment is in a
peaceful state. It might be the pills that are doing this
to me. I kinda like it. I have thought through what my
Brother and I have talked about last night, and that weight
that was lifted off my shoulders last night is a gawd sin.
And to have that one burden gone is great. I don't know how
to explain it, but it has shone a new light on what and
what I can't take to my Brother about. And that seems to
get smaller and smaller about the things that I can't talk
to him about. I have known that I could talk to him about
anything. And last night confirmed it. Talking to my
Brother is something that I really enjoy doing.
Well Star... I know that you were worried about what I
have been feeling with concerns about my Brother. You don't
have to worry any more about that. Now is the time for
proceding and seeing what will happen in the future and
what will lead to what.
Have a good night.

Lost in the dark....