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2003-02-24 04:07:44 (UTC)

*wHuT a WeEkEnD*

Letz see, friday nite lyke yew kno I saw Bobby...last nite
i went to a party.. b4 tha party I got st0n3d, at tha party
I got st0n3d, n then at like 5am I got st0n3d again... n
then somewhere in that tyme I found out Bobbys new
girlfriend is only 13! he'll be 18 in like june! and ta top
it off I guess he to0k her virginity last nite in hiz dadz
TRUCK! wtf man, thiz weekend wuz all go0d until that had to
happen! wtf! he must be usin her or sumthin ta be humpin
her after ONE DAY of goin out, n shez jus triflin! I mean
what kind of girl humps someone after dating them for one
day? WHORE grr , like none of his friends like her, they
all sit there n talk shyt on her to me and its funny I jus
laugh at em, she got mad pimplez on her face man, n then
used cover up to TRY n cover em up but it only made em look
worse! wtf! I hate guyz! I do I do I do.. n then me n my
dad jus like argued, he really needs some azz or sumthin
cuz he annoyz tha fuk outta me and I cant stand him most of
the tyme, I wish he could go to sleep for like a week jus
so I can get a friggin break! but yea yea fuk this diary Im

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