Reality Bites
2001-09-29 02:30:52 (UTC)

My day:)

Ok so today was good. I got out of taking 3 tests and only
had to take a bio test that I got the answers from Ryan D
already, so it was all good! Everyone was like giving me
hugs and so happy to see me, I was like GOSH! I didn't know
you even knew I was gone!

After school Cody,Rob,Jimmy, and Chris N gave me and Jenn a
ride to the bus stop, but couldn't drive us home cause we
like 15 min. away from school and they had a soccer game.
It was cool tho, cause HOT SENIOR CHRIS and his friends
were getting gas at where we get picked up by the bus, so
we were chattin it up w/ them!:) He told us to call him if
we were shopping up there tomarrow and he'd pick us up and
bring us out to eat or something. I was like HOT HOT HOT! I
dont really LIKE him, but hes hella nice and hot, I just
dont know him. He told some people that we're both friends
with that he thinks Im really cute and sweeet and I was
like Awwww! I didnt believe them, but they promised.. I
totally want to get to know him! Then Mia, Shannon, Jordan,
Jared, Jake,and some other people came and brought us food-
and me a diet coke so I was like YAY!

On the bus, I was sitting with Mia in the back and Jenn was
in the front w/ Jake(and his LAME lines he was giving her!
haha) and these guys came and sat next to me and Mia and
they were so mean! They were like flirting like calling me
a ditz and stuff but I didnt even know them! They were like
commenting on our conversation and shit and then when B
called me they were like, "That your BOYFRIEND?" all wierd,
I was like Nope. And they're all, "then he wouldnt mind if
you gave us your #" I was like, acutally, he would. Then
they got all pissed and were mean to me! Its all good cause
Jordan yelled at the for me, it was cute! I luv that guy!

OMG today in math, member Jesse with the girlfriend who I
talked about b4? He broke his arm and he wasnt gonna be
able to play in his football game today, so durring bio
when I was the only one not taking the test I made him this
card it was SO cute! haha. It just said, "I hope your arm
gets better cause the team really needs you and then I can
come watch you play! You're so cute and I luv ya 2
death!!!" Anyways I gave it to him in math, I'm all, "Im a
dork, and I made this for you!" He was like SO smiling and
like happy, he's all, "THANK YOU! YOU'RE SO SWEET!" and
stuff. Then later he turned around and was all, "You know,
my girlfriend would NEVER do that for me." and I was all,
"No Im sure she's planning something really cool for you!"
and he's all, "No, trust me..she's not" and smiled SO cute&
said thank you again and turned around. God I MELTED! haha.
Later I was walking down the his hall and I heard my name
and I turned around and it was him showing me he hung it up
in his locker! I was like OHHH! How cute is that?!?

Jenn came over after school and we just chilled and we
pigged out on Special K and watched 90210. The we decided
we felt fat (even though the special K was all we'd eaten
so far lol) so we went for a walk and talked for like an
hour and a half, she's so good to talk to, we think the
same on a lot of shit. Anyways my sisters' friend brought
us nachos when we got back and we had a few and then she
went home. I think B's coming over tomarrow! yay! Im
excited! Also I'm going HOMECOMING SHOPPING! the malls'
gonna be SO crowded, I dont care tho. I'm gonna go cause
Carli just called!

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