True Gemini
2001-09-29 02:23:11 (UTC)


We got our pictures today...uk. Mine were horrible.
Michelle is going on about how she is ugly...and she is
not. She is quite unmarred, from what I can see. But, I
guess no one but me judges beauty that way anymore. Once
again I had the vision, and the lines seem to be getting
more apparent. There was more this time, and it included
the Sai. I haven't been trained how to fully use them, but
I still do know a bit. I would like a pair...as I need a
new staff. Oh well, I do not long for them too much,
because they are both illegal, and I have nothing to use
them on besides training. Anyways, like I have said before,
this diary is for me and not for the nations...today sucked
in the sense that my sister has lice (Michelle, don't say a
word of this to anyone because I wasn't suposed to tell
anyone) She got it from daycare...thank god I don't have
any. She is the only one that does, but that still means
everyone has to clean their rooms, wash every item of
clothing, etc. etc. Oh well, we have had to do it before
when Garrett had lice and my sister wore his helmet. BinoX
got proof today about Ayia and Clare...not that I believed
them much anyways. Oh well, I'm done talking (writing?) now.