2001-09-29 02:05:54 (UTC)

Ryan liking Hailee

Ryan likes Hailee... it is the worst thing in the whole
world. She is supposed to be my best friend, and I think
she is starting to like him. She talks about him all the
time, and she is like "He's so sweet and wonderful". I
dont know what to think, and not to mention she is still
completely obsessed with Craig. I dont know what to do,
and I want to help her get over him or just get him so
she'll be happy so that I can finally be happy. I dont
think she realizes that ever since her and Craig broke up I
have been miserable. I really think she thinks I dont care
or something, because she just blows my feelings off
sometimes. She says so many wonderful things about hers
and Craigs relationship, how wonderful it was and how sweet
he is and how great it was to kiss him, and I just wish for
one minuite she would think about how I am feeling. She
never does, and it pisses me off. Im sick of typing....
more later in "Ryan liking Hailee 2"