The meanderings of a mind
2001-09-29 01:59:57 (UTC)

stuff I had laying around

dark falling dreams calling
moon shining monsters whining
stars burning storms churning
daylight cries darkness dies
morning breaks mysteries awake
sunlight dances storm clouds prance

and I will not sleep

these chains of love are breaking. still my heart your
taking. here you leave my crying no one to see me dying.
left with nothing but thoughts of you. we just begun. now
we're through. My heart will crumble fall to the floor and
I swear again to love no more.

my mother cried
i turned away
a rock crumbing
there was nothing to say
my mother cried
i closed my mind
tears like blood from a wound
i was blind
my mother cried
i offered no hand
and I am damned
my mother cried
i didn't care
when my mother cried
i wasn't there