The Monotony of it All
2001-09-29 01:59:15 (UTC)

Welcome to my fog

Okay, so here's the deal.....after all this time of trying
to get a car, and finding out on Thursday that the only
feasible way for me to get pregnant is to start to take
fertility drugs, my parents, be it out of sympathy,
remorse, regret, or whatever, have decided to try and help
me out by co-signing for a car loan for me......I don't
know what to think of this. Part of me is so excited and
wants to think that maybe my relationship with my family
just might have a chance - although this isn't the way I
wanted it to happen. The other, more realistic part of me
is telling me not to hold my breath. I guess the only
choice I have now is to wait and see what happens. I wish
I wasn't such an impatient person. I don't know what to
think. I mean, my mother was the one who suggested I go to
the dealerships tonight to look for a car....I brought home
a brochure for a car with a really good deal on it and she
actually looked at it....what that means I have no idea,
but hey she looked....So, like I said, I guess I have to
wait and see. Once again, my life hangs in the
balance...and once again, it's completely out of my hands.