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2001-09-29 01:50:43 (UTC)

~*Friday, September 28, 2001*~

Dear Diary,
Well, today was like any other normal day. In my last
entry (yesterday), I mostly talked about me and my ex
boyfriend. I thought me and him would never get back
together, and I'm still not sure. But last nite he called
me and was telling me how much he missed me and wants to be
with me. So maybe he'll come to his senses and trust me
about everything, and hopefully it won't be too late for
him ;), about my day. My best friend Mike
came over to my house this morning around 9:00a.m. and woke
me up. I have no idea why he came over that early, because
I had told him to give me some time to sleep. But I guess
he just couldn't resist seeing me...heehee. I got ready
and we went to the Brea mall so he could get fitted for a
tuxedo (he has a wedding to go to in two weeks), we hung
out there for a couple hours. Got some lunch and looked in
a few stores. Nothing special. I don't have a job rite
now, so walking around in all the stores and not being able
to buy anyhing was really starting to get on my nerves. I
hate it so much. I'm going to get a job at Smart and Final
pretty soon I hope to save up for a car when I turn 18.
Then when I turn 18, there is another job I want to
get...but I'm going to have to look into it really good.
Your probably going to think I'm crazy, but I want to be a
dancer. Just to make good money, so I can get myself
through college. Of course, I will NOT make that my
career...that's for sure. Alot of people have told me that
I should go for it because I'm beautiful and they know I
will make alot of money...and then their are a few people
who say I shouldn't because it's dangerous and I'll end up
getting caught up in bad things. But I'm a very stong
person...and I know that I would never do anything I
shouldn't. Especially if it has to do with sex.
Soooo...that's my thing on being a dancer. If anyone has
any advice for me...let me know. So the remainder of my
day after the mall was nice. When it was time for me to go
home, my best friend took me home on his Yamaha
motorcycle...he knows I love to ride it on the freeway :)
So that was awesome. Since then I've just been chatting
online and figuring out what I'm going to do tonite. I
have alot a choices but I'm not sure. Alright well this
entry probably didn't make much sense...I kinda switched
from subject to subject so I'm sorry :( Heehee. Can't
think of anything else to talk about tonite so I will write
again tomorrow.
P.S. Keep our country and those lost and injured and the
family's of those lost and injured in your prayers. We are
all strong and will pull thru this together... GOD BLESS

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