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2003-02-24 02:57:34 (UTC)


i messed it up again
dammit why do i always do that? i am so paranoid and
psycho and FHKSHK, AAAH! yeah. anyway.
i don't know what to say. nothing real important happened
today. i don't have to go to school tomorrow! well, except
for cosa :/ oh well... i don't care. no geometry! woo hoo!
i hate that class so much.
i got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep last night. i had to get
up so early this morning to go to my dumb piano lesson!
aaah, and me and philip made up a punk band called bloody
clarinets. we have a song about kindergarten children.
it's quite the song. and mr king wants to record our
songs. its so hilarious because he acts so serious about
it, and it's the biggest load of crap ever.
i am now going to make a promise with myself. it's such a hard thing
for me to do. i am going to promise myself that i will be more open
about who i like. because everytime i like someone, i just don't
anymore. so now, there is a guy that i like. but he will never know
it. and no one will ever know who it is, so don't ask! he's really
funny and nice, and i like him a lot. and then, there's this girl i
like too. she's pretty and funny. we're kind of a thing now. ;) i'm
so excited!

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