Baby Bear

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2003-02-24 02:32:47 (UTC)

My Beginning

Well, this is it. This is what it's like to have an online
diary. It's kinda wierd. But I'll get used to it. I'm
gonna name this diary, just becuz it's something I do.
I'll name it... Mama Bear. That sounds good. Okay, let me
start over.

Dear Mama Bear, 2/23/03
Friday night, I went to a concert in the cities. It was
a christian rock band. Relient K was one of the main
bands. I have totally fallen head over heals for Matthew
Theison, the lead singer for Relient K. O/M/G! Guess wat?
When we were there, we were waiting in the car, int the
parking lot, and the bands' trailers were off to the side.
We, (Kristin, Casey, Lauren, and Haley) were standing
outside, and this guy walked by, and we said hi, and he
said, "hey kids, how you doin?" and we said fine, and later
we found out that it was Matt! It was totally awesome! So
Today, for my church, we went to a black church. It was
so sweet! That church was such a riot! We felt soooooooo
welcomed! They were sooooooooo nice. (The black members of
the church) They invited us to eat w/ them, cuz they had a
pot luck, and then they had a talent show. It was a lot of
fun, and very intriging, and interesting. Well, I'd better
go. TTFN! Bye!
Baby Bear

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