No more lies
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2001-09-29 01:02:06 (UTC)

too much crap

ive been reading a few entrys from this diary collection
thing and id like to say thankyou. you have made me realize
that i worry about shit. i stress about things that really
do not matter at all. guys have fun with your lives, if
people are pissing you off stay away and forget about them
until they aren't anymore. don't make a big deal about it
get on with your life, you never know how long you have,
and there are so many people happy and alive you have to
realize theres obviously something there to live for. stop
concentrating on the bad and look for the positive in
everything, and trust me there is always something
positive, maybe not for you even, but stop concentrating on
you, there are others in this life that are worse off,
don't you agree, if you feel bad donate something, help
some one else whos feeling bad, ill garentee youll feel
better about yourself. be happy and it is that simple.