Absolute Mayhem
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2001-09-29 00:59:36 (UTC)

risky business

hey. go irish. our vball team is 7-1. undefeated in our
conference. um... well i know i havent written in awhile.
my bad. ive been busy. ive got news yesh...everyone has kinda been
buggin me on.... the past weeks...ive gotton extra close to adam (green,
one of my best friends) and i like LIKE him. and
he feels the same. and well we are both iffy on the whole thing on
going on. we really like what we have right now, and we dont want to
risk f*ckin it all up. but...i dunno. ::::sigh:::: see allie, this is
what i mean on the whole guy problems suck. lol. adam and i went out
b4 in 7th graade..and well it started off ok, but i was stupid and
dumped him. :shoot me:. anywa.. im not sure on my total feelins on
the whole situation. i like him alot, geeze. im going to
go and go back to talk to adam. write more lata. luv, jess