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2001-09-29 00:48:52 (UTC)

Shopping Trips

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with its
head cut off today.

This morning John and I went into Eugene to do grocery
shopping at Costco, fill the car with gas ($1.63
a gallon--the cheapest price around), and to the bank. In
the afternoon I went to Junction City with Gavin and shopped
at Safeway. Then we spent an hour at the DMV so that Gavin
could take his permit test which he passed with flying
colors! Horrah! for Gavin! Look out world!

I spent a good part of my food budget for October today but
I won't need to buy much more than bread, milk, perishables,
and perhaps more eggs for quite a long while.

I "spoke" with Owen via MSN messenger this afternoon,
something Gavin set up with me. He now has a roommate
named Andy who he says he gets along well with, likes all
his classes, and is staying for the weekend. He seems to
have adjusted very well which pleases immensely, even though
I miss that boy.

I am so tired now I can barely move. I've made John's
lunch for tonight and fixed dinner and I'll probably turn in

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