Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-24 01:48:18 (UTC)

Like A Wrecking Ball, You Swing......

I don't think I've ever been to Hurstbridge. Maybe I have,
I just don't remember it. And I was expecting a million
people at a place I can't remember visiting. Maybe not
quite that many, but when we turned up at 3pm, it seemed
kinda, dead, you could say. Which we thought was a little
disappointing seeing as it was a charity event to raise
money for the burnt down Primary School. And every dog and
their sheep should have been there. And they weren't.

We walked around the entire oval in 10mins. Didn't find any
coke which Jac was desperatley needing. Looked at our
watches and thought, okies we have 2 hours to kill before
Wendy comes on, so we went back out and to the Bowling Club
for a beer. It was bloody hot and the oval had no shade, so
best option beer and aircon. So we killed at least an hour
there. Then went back into the burning 33 or more degree
muggy, intense heat and found a seat right near the front
of the stage. And began to watch the entertainment. Must
say some of it was pretty good. Wendy finally got to come
on and they only let her do THREE songs. Would have been 2,
but she protested she'd travelled all that way, so at least
let her get another song in, which she did. Her voice will
always amaze me, and was a shame they kicked her off. As
the night progressed it really did feel like Red Faces.
Little Stan The Man(main microphone man) was kicking em off
quicker than Red Symons. It was because they were running
behind time, but when Monique came on, being she's somewhat
famous and known we thought she'd get a decent set in. They
kicked her off after THREE songs too. We actually did Boo
and Hiss there. She does an amazing live show, so it was a
little disappointing, but I've got a taste for it now, so
am going to keep and eye on where she plays.

We approached her after her set to get a copy of her new cd
and an autograph and I said to her she should set up behind
the main truck and carry on an acoustic set. Which thank
god made her laugh and touch my shoulder. Well not thank
god she touched my shoulder, just thank god she Because I don't generally say much to people
I don't really know, let alone someone with she was sweet and thanked us all for
coming and asked where we had come from and yadda and
chat...So was quite cool. So then it was back for more
music and the whole reason that Monique and a lot were
getting kicked off, was because Babba was coming. I like
Abba. And I know the impersonators put on a good show, but
crikey, it was like the REAL Abba was coming the way Stan
The Mic Man, was beefing it up. They had Monique Brumby
there and they let her go after just three

But Babba was good. I mean it's entertaining. But Stan. My
God Stan. The amount of times he said "Now make sure you
scream and clap really loud when Babba come on. We don't
want them to forget Hurstbridge and want them to get the
loudest welcome in the world. It wasn't once, it wasn't
twice, it wasn't three times, it was like TEN times he kept
telling the crowd to ham it up for Babba. Relax Stan, it was a good day. There was a lot of good
music, just not long enough. And was passed 9pm when we
finally left. Thank god for sunny lotion too I must say.

Quote of The Day: I've got fairy floss and it like tastes
like fairy floss flavour.
(Little girl with indian painted face and clothes walking
up to us. Have no idea why she told us that. I guess it was
important to let us know at the time)

I need to move. Taking my Dad back to hospital today for
check up. I feeeel soooo buggered though. I don't wannna