Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-29 00:07:13 (UTC)


hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! Wow I have so much to share with you
all ! Ok sorry I didn't write yesterday I was grounded !
Another fight with my mom and you don't want to hear about
it !Ok lets start with yesterday !
OK yesterday was good !At school it was Pimp and hoe day !
The guys were pimps and the girls were hoes !!!! it was so
funny my brother was a freak ! He wore black/silver pants,
cream feathery shirt open over a white shirt with a white
cowboy hat that had a yellow flower then a pair of pink
glasses and pink and blue beads and then a white wig ! OMG
it was funny as hell ! I also had choir ! Which was weird
cause my director broke her leg and had to have surgery and
she now has a plate in her leg !But it was still good to go
adn it was fun and I got to hang out with KT and Morgan !
But my friend Isra was so upset when she didn't get to go
and see her bf Sean in the hospital ! Which totally sucks !
And this " friend " of hers is being like totally mean to
her and like doesn't seem to care about whats happening in
her life and then she goes and talks about how she is best
friends with Isra and yet she doesn't even try to comfort
Isra ! SO last night before choir I spent 3 hours on the
phone arranging a way to get Isra to see Sean !!!!!!! And
good news I did ! :)! Which brings us to today !
SO today Isra came home with me and we had my mom take us
to see Sean ! I wasn't planning on Seans mom being there !
:(! Stupid me ! So my mom walked us down to seans room and
while we were waiting to go into his room in ICU (intensive
care unit) these people were like crying in the hallway
cause there loved one just died ! * tear * it was so sad !
OMG I was like I can't be here !I can't deal with this! ( I
have a fear of hospitals ever since I was like 7 and yea
thats another story ). But we got to go in and talk to Sean
and spend about 45 mins with him ! Which was good for him
and Isra ! He was in A LOT of pain which made me really
sad ! I wanted me to take his place so that he could be
with Isra and not be in pain ! I have such a high pain
tolerance that I wouldn't feel much ! I wish I could
switch places with Sean and have it be me there so he
wouldn't have to go threw all that pain and have Isra go
threw that pain ! Man I would give anything for God to
make Sean all better and put his pain and suffering and
problems on me so that Isra and him could be together and
care free ! So yea back to the visit ! We were in the room
with sean and my mom and his mom left and started talking
and his mom told my mom alot of stuff that I purposly
didn't tell my mom ! So when we finally had to go and we
had dropped off Isra my mom was so mad at me ! She promised
she wouldn't tell Isra's mom ! Thank god ! That was all I
cared about ! I didn't care if she yelled at me or grounded
me because I didn't want Isra to get in trouble !Cause Isra
is not allowed to see sean ! :( ! but my mom bitched at me
for like 25 mins and then said I was grounded from friends
tomorrow ! Except I can still go to steph's house tomorrow
night ! Which is all just fine with me cause I am happy
that I helped out Isra and Sean ! :) ! I know that even
though I lied to my mom I still did the right thing ! ya
know what I mean !? Well if you do thats great if you can't
see where I am coming from then you got no heart !
Next topic! I got Adams picture today ! He is such a
cutie ! OMG I was like Oh my heart he is a cutie ! Not all
my friends agreed but thats ok I don't really care what
they think ! But yea adam your picture is so cute ! Where
have you been adam !? I haven't talked to you in so long !
OMG I want to talk to !!!!!!
Tonight Dark Angel starts again ! :)! YES !!!! I am so
happy I really really am excited for it ! hehe ! Its on FOX
at 9 / 10 central !!!!! :)!!!!!! I am so happy I have to
watch it over the phone with Kati ! :)! omg I have quotes
for today and yesterday!!
" Many things will catch your eyes, Some things will catch
your heart. . . persue those !" and todays "Good judgment
comes from experience and experience comes from bad
judgment !" those are the quotes PLEASE take them to
heart ! I gotta bounce !
Love ya always
I will write after Dark Angel
Love again
P.S: Please pray for Sean and Isra !!!!!!