Squeeb's world
2001-09-28 23:55:51 (UTC)

What the....

Ok, well all know how patriotic I am so I wasn't pleased
with this poll that was conducted earlier this week. Ok, ok,
I sympathesize with the States, I do. That's terrible to
happen to anyone. However I do not condone all the stuff
that these people were saying in the poll. 59% of Canadians
answered that they would give up their sovereignty and
become part of the States? What the Hell is that?! I LIKE
being CANADIAN, thank you. Ok, so I'm Little Miss Patriotism
possibly because my birthday is so close to Canada Day but
still... I am soooo not becoming an American. Sorry but no.
All I will EVER be is a CANADIAN. So there.
K, enough of that. I have to voice an opinion on how cute
Aaron Carter is. Ok, he's 13 but I'm not saying he's HOT,
I'm saying he's adorable. Now NICK Carter- there's a
hottie! And in that video "Oh Aaron.." Ok, "Not Too Young,
Not Too Old" is cuter but still... Oh and Kim says to boot
Kev out of the BSB and enlist Aaron just because Kev is
being a cross-dressing jerk.
I was gonna say something else but I forget, what else is
new? Oh! Yeah so last night was Kurtis's first game back as
a Pete and woah! 4-2 win over the Belleville Bulls and Mr.
Foster was the #3 star with a goal and an assist- atta boy!
And he's playing again tonight and they're going to
interview him. Yay!
Oooooh! Lance and Joey's movie "On The Line" comes out
like Oct 19- mark that in your calander! That and the
soundtrack for that comes out Oct 9 featuring all new songs
by NSYNC. Yay!! That is sooooo coming home with me that day.
Ok, I have nothing more to ramble on about so I will shut

Current mood: Silly
Current music: none, listening to the Petes game!