Jenna Of Pudding
2001-09-28 23:20:40 (UTC)

My first entry!

This is my first entry... I finally figured out why I
wasn't getting my password.. yeh. I'm going to a diabetic
photo shoot today so they can get pictures of different
people in Northern Nevada with Type 1 Diabetes.. its some
research thing. My lips are tingling because my sister
just did my makeup and used some menthol shit on my lips.
I feel weird in all this makeup because lets face it... I'm
not the girliest person in the world, and I don't usually
wear makeup. I just curl my lashes and wear lipbalm and
powder... sometimes eye shadow. I feel.. ehh.. different.
I'm going to the skating rink today. Chelsea took speed at
school today during lunch. I only smoke pot, drink very
little... and I thought she was like that too, but I'm kind
of worried. I don't want her to become any more involved
in hardcore drugs. She's my best friend, I love her and I
don't want her to get hurt. This straigt edge chick took 5
speed pills... it was the first "drug/alcohol related"
thing she's ever done.. I have no clue what happened. She
would never touch any of that stuff, and all of a sudden
today she took whole shit load of speed. I hope Chelsea
doesn't start doing any other hardcore drugs. I just don't
want to see her hurt herself. I'm going to go and see if I
can get a link for my diary into my board post signature..

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