Ugly on the inside
2001-09-28 23:14:39 (UTC)

don't KODIAK it off

today was kinda crappy... yeah christina and james are now
a couple... el grosso. at lunch erica saw her and james
together and we were standing at least 2 feet away from
them. anyways... she made the loudest gagging noise and the
6 of us started cracking up and we all ran off because
james and her knew we were making fun of them. oh my god it
was sooooooo funny. i'm still laughing at it. one of
those "you had to be there" type of things.
i had a good conversation with cody last night. i guess
we're now best friends or something. =-) it's great cuz now
we have each other. the both of us seem to be lagging in
the friendship department. he asked me to my homecoming
(cuz he goes to a different school) and i said i would.
lindsay has a date! haha... he's gonna come shopping with
me this weekend to try to find a dress and shoes. is that
weird? i dunno... i'm going to the mall tonight with erin
for god only knows what reason. but i get to get away from
the house which makes me happy.
my dad is buying me a new car! score!