champagne supernova
2003-02-24 00:23:03 (UTC)

stripped and justified

ha u might be saying to yourself.."gee..that title sounds
like the name of the justin timberlake and christina
aguilera concert comming up on june 16 and 17 at the
staples center in los angels calfornia at 7:30 pm!" well
thats casue it is u half wit! muahah ...and i have
tickets!!! hahahah ... and u dont..unless of course u are
savannah. hahah! we have veryyy goood seats!!! i could
sellthem online right now and make bukoo bucks .yes
indedee.. but no i will not... casue its my birthday
present from my mama..and i like it..i like it alot..and
screw all u tree hugging hippiesd who dont like christina
cause she is "such a slut" i care>> hellll no... so
keep your comments to yuorself... it's true.. ehr clothing
might be a tad on the revelaing side... but im not there
to look at what she's weasring.. no siree bob... im there
casue i love her new with it or
shut up. so yes.. we are in the first section right after
floor. and luckily.. its ont he 17th of june instead of
the 16th of june....why u ask> ? becasue my three years
annivesary with bobby is comming up on the 16th and i
dont exactly wantt o be at a hyped up concert whilst im
sad thinking about him, and having two 13 year old girls
behind scream into my ear..."JUSTIN!! YOU MY BABYS
DADDY!" ...HAHAH.. NO..he isnt u pathetic piece of shell
fish! fish is quite on the tasty side..
ok im doe talking for now.. im gonna go pig out with
angela...screw my diet !!! hahah!~ im so rebelious!!