Visions Of Life
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2001-09-28 22:42:53 (UTC)

Cartoons With Singable Songs...


Like 30 minutes ago I was going to type an entry entitled,
Nothing Left.. And all I was gonna write was:

"I am giving up. I have nothing left to offer"

ya know, and then some other depressing shit cuz damnit, I
was upset.. I was trembling and hysterical and, oh lord you
dont even want to know..

But know I have my cartoon, anastasia *grin* Im sorry but I
have a weird thing for cartoons with singable songs.. hense
why I love disney.. so shoot me if ya have a problem with a
19 year old watchin disney.. lol.. i dont care

i am also gonna watch Manhunter, Silence Of The Lambs,
Hanibal and Interview With The Vampire..

My weekend is gonna involve temporarly isolating myself and
watching movies and writing and workin on my webpage.. I
have a couple of crackball ideas.. Lol.. Im such a cashew..

But right now Im giddy.. Have already been sexually
harassed by 8 guys online since ive been home.. that doesnt
amuse me.. damn people.. lol.. But some random chick from
Littleton emailed me.. "wants to maybe meet me and be
friends or maybe something more" hmmmm.... *grin*

Well.. Back To My Cartoon... Au Revoir

*wanders off, singing*