~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-02-23 22:59:48 (UTC)

Other Stuff that Needs to Be Addressed

I found the most amazing prom dress. The only
problem is that the people refuse to sell it to me because
it is already registered to somebody in my school. They
won't even sell it to me in a different color, how much
does that suck? So now I am on a mission to find this
dress at another store so that I can buy it. So far I've
had no luck and I might have to resort to sending someone
else to get it for me.
Valentines Day was good to me. Actually it was Josh
that was good to me. He got me a heart shaped necklace
with little diamonds in it. I love it so much, I love him
so much. I don't know if I've mentioned that thus far. I
can't live without him, I can't even fall asleep without
him. He stayed at my house when we got the huge snowstorm
and he had to sleep in my brothers room but we would watch
a movie in my room and I would fall asleep on him and then
he would go into the other room after I fell asleep. So
now that he's not here I don't sleep well.

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