~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-02-23 22:51:59 (UTC)

Fights in Lovey Land

February 23

Things aren't as wonderful with Josh as they use to
be. Everything was so much simpler before. I loved him
and he loved me and all we did was be in love and
everything was lovely. Don't get me wrong, we are still
in love and for the most part life is lovely but now we
fight. Not really fight, just argue over stupid things
which we both know are stupid. The other night we went
out to dinner and then we went to the bookstore (big
mistake taking a guy who hates to read there, it just made
him unhappy). While we are in the bookstore I go looking
for an Dalai Lama books that I don't own. Up until this
point Josh did not know that I am Buddhist. It's not
something that I hide from people or anything like that,
religion never came up in converstation before. So i told
him I was Buddhist and it didn't go over well at all. He
started telling me that his dad wasn't going to like it
that I was Catholic or Christian or whatever he is. So
that made me a little mad but I understood that it might
be hard for a parent to find out that their son is dating
a Buddhist, it's not a very common religion around me. A
little while later Josh tells me that I'm not Buddhist.
Well that pissed me off, so I walked away from him and it
was pretty bad. When we got to the car he was really
sweet and apologized and all of that and while I was still
upset, I forgave him because it's really not that big of a
deal. It made me kind of sad but I love him and I can see
how it is difficult for him to understand this.