Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-09-28 21:59:26 (UTC)

you know you're the ugliest person in the world when...

Your own father laughs at your school pictures and call
them "interesting"...the saddest part is everybody who
reads that will think it's funny. I don't know if I'll get
retakes cuz they'll just look probably even worse than
these did, so there really isn't any point, right? I
looked at myself in the mirror earlier, and I have a
question: why didn't anybody ever tell me that I'm
ugly?!?!?! I mean, I can understand you didn't want my
feelings hurt, but what about when somebody comes up and
tells the truth: that I'm uglier than a monkey's behind?
I'd feel a lot better if you'd all just tell me how ugly I
am and like...I dunno...beat me in the head until it does
some good and then the bruises will cover it all up.
There's an idea!!! Everybody bring frying pans and stuff
to school on Monday please! Until then, I'll be the one
running, conditioning, and any other exercise that won't do
my ugly excuse for a face anyway with the paper bag over
her head. Bye!