What's the point!
2001-09-28 21:59:08 (UTC)

Sitting here I try to compose..

Sitting here I try to compose my thoughts,
To a dear freind who once lost hope,
He say's I have givin him strength,
He say's I bring him new hope,
Me? I bring him hope and strength,
Whatever did I do but be myself,
I try to be kind I try to hear what other's feel,
I had no idea I could help someone who once lost hope,
My friend Pascal is very ill, therapy is an everyday thing,
I wish him luck, and all the best,
You must stay strong and think of what you have,
The things you have done and the things you can still do,
I think everyday is precious, and you should be greatful,
wheather your rich..poor..healthy..or sick,
We are all the same we all live we all breath,
How we live our life is all up to us,
We can smile at the sight of a new day,
Or we can cry about what we could lose in a flash,
Life is to short to be short to frown,
Smile and thank god for a new day, you are alive!!
I write this for my freind Pascal,
He is weak and can't always do things like everyone else,
He is in my thoughts and in my prayers,
Keep smiling Pascal, look around at all that you are and
all that is around you,
Life is sweet enjoy it now you shall be forever happy :)