Life in PingPong's Day
2001-09-28 21:46:31 (UTC)

No Topic..

I got sick today,in my 2nd class it's cold but not that
cold,I was freezing in there I knew that I was going to get
sick soon,but it wasn't all that bad.
3rd it was really bad,I was cold!i couldn't do my work and
the nurse is out during A lunch so i had to go during my
lunch,I did and I fixed what was wrong but I still felt
sick,when I'm like this I like being in the sun,but my
friends didn't want to be so I was feeling that I had to
throw up,that dry taste in my mouth feeling as if anytime I
But nothing happend. :)
My friend Andy gave me money to buy a soda because some do
help,like sprit and Mt.Dew.
The past few days my friend Mark seems down,I guess he
could be tired I'm not sure I'll see how he's doing monday.
I have to write two essays this weekend one that I have a
Rdraft and one I have no idea :( but I'll get it done the R
one is due Monday the other Tuesday so I have time.
I'm happy I had my cd player today for after school bad
thing is it eats up the bateries (sp) so i need new ones
I got to talk to my friend M on the bus she's really nice
she's going to the prep thing later today.
Going to get more MP3's to make a CD later..