The land of unknown
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2001-09-28 21:37:33 (UTC)

Feel the needle you prick!!

now thanks to Chris and his friend Chad, i have to re
write this and i was almost done. they were looking up
porn while i had this up and the computer froze.
anywho. today was interesting. it went backwards. i
woke up feeling oddly depressed. P.E. sucked. then we
went to biology. me and Andrew (my only other friend)
were listening to this cd of his that had System Of A
Down. he's more into rap but likes things like Gorillas
and S.O.A.D. any who. then he showed me his wallet
and this circuler shape in it. i knew it was a condom. i'm
like, 'u don't get some.' Andrew said he has a couple
times. he said "this one time, my uncle had this party
and he invited me so, like, when i woke up the next day,
i was in bed with some chick. and i looked at me and
then at her, and i'm like 'yeah'. i got some. see, the party
started at like 9, the latest i remember is 10. i think i
almost got in a fight, but i don't know. cuz these guys
brought this big ass bag of weed, dude we sat there
and smoked the whole thing. we were so fucked up. i
don't remember anything past that." what an interesting
story. he was telling me this on our way to the computer
lab. we were partners for this assignment, but we had
to pear up with some one who had a disk, but neither of
us had one, but went anyway. we switched computers
from the first one we had. the first one's cd rom drive
kept coming out. it was possessed. we'd push it in, but
it'd just come right back out. then there was a group of
girls on the other side of the possessed computer and
one of them was trying to put the cd rom back in, me
and Andrew told not to bother. but it stayed in!! then later
they had problems with their computer. the screen was
flashing. i'm like, "what'd u do to it?" playfully, she said,
"shut up. i didn't do anything." it was fun. then later, just
for the hell of it, i ejected the cd rom again. then she's
like, "u had to do that. we had it in there and u just had
to go and open it again." hehe. i said it was fun. i sat
there pushing it in, waiting for it to come out and then
pushed it back in. lunch was nothing special. i just felt
better then usual. the guys i sit near in geometry are
strange. especially this guy i sit next to. i drew a picture
of Goku in S.S. 3 form. then i got on the bus and chris
sat next to me. we talked a little. then got home, got
online, and then i got an email from Kitty. well, a few,
but *sniff* it was sooo sweat. ^__^ blue roses. i love you
so much Kitty. and then, like i said, Chris was over here
with a friend of his. unexpectedly. mostly all they did
was look at porn. freaks. but today was something else.
but i think the high point was the email. thank u Kitty!! I

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