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2001-09-28 21:32:19 (UTC)


I did talk to Mikel. LOL I told you he would call around
10ish. hehe =) He is so sexy! OMG HE ASKED ME OUT! hehe I
OF COURSE, said yes! He was all like:

M: You sound so sexy baby.
K: I'm SICK... thanks (ugh)
M: You weren't sick when I first talked to you.
K: oh yeah... =)
M: Babe I have been wanting to ask you something. Its
really inportant.
K: Oh really??? What is it baby? You ok?
M: Oh its nothing bad at all. I just want to tell you first
off that I love your smile and how you look and how great
you are to me... now I have to ask you
K: Babe you are so sweet. go ahead and ask.
M: Will you go out with me? I mean I really want to be your
boyfriend. That guy you hang out with and hug and cuddle
with, I want that with you. I want you.
K:....*speech less*
K: Babe of course I will. Your so sweet and cute. OHHHH
M: Thank god! I thought you would say no! LOL
K: Babe you are perfect. You are funny, smart, creative,
sweet as hell and OMG YOUR HOT! *wink*
M: OHHHH Thank you baby.
M: So when I get my car tomorrow I will call you and we
will go hang out this weekend. I want to see my girlfriend
now =)
K: Ok what time do you think you will have one?
M: I hope by 3, so I will call you at 3:30. I have one
already to buy. I just have to go fill out the paper work
for it.
K: sweet. I can't wait to go with ya!
M: We will go see a movie and dinner ok?
K: Thats cool I have my paycheck today too
M: No I'm paying. and then we are going to the park behind
your house to watch the stars and cuddle, cause I love
holding you.

Thats basicly it, but OMG I am SO happy!!!!!!!!! =) hehe...

I will write more later still in class.