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2003-02-23 21:47:30 (UTC)


hey sorry i didn't write again on friday night and then again
yesterday. youth group on friday was awesome great things happened.
i did take a few pics of ppl there like i was planning. it was kool
i got a few ppl to come out and talk for once, they r usually
extremely quiet and keep to themselves. now they made some new
friends by talking and its awesome they never realized how much they
have in common with all of us. so after youth group we went out to
applebee's then bennigans(don't ask y we went to both). we were
there until about 1:30 in the morning. i know some of u ppl think
that born-again christians r weird, u might be right, but i am so
glad to be one. ever since i've really been goin to church, i've
been so much happier than b4. and recently he blessed me with such
an awesome boyfriend who is there for me if i need help, or need a
good laugh, or just to talk. also since i went to church more often
life doesn't seem so hard anymore. sure life throws me a few curves
balls but goin to church is like batting practice where i learned to
hit the curve balls right out of the ball park.hahaha listen to me
carrying on, i don't even know anything about baseball, o well.
anyway yesterday i woke up early and coached dance and drama. then
came home and chatted with my baby Damian for a bit, then went out
to my friend Geneva's house, and hung out with some ppl from the
youth group. we hung out until until about midnight. i came home and
went in my room and listened to some music and fell asleep while
listenin to it. this morning i woke up at 7 hopped in the shower and
got dressed for church. my dance team performed during church today,
it turned out great. we danced to Petra's song "kings of kings".
Pastor Scott's sermon was so awesome today, he based his sermon on
Acts 1-3, very moving. i know my weekend seems pretty boring this
one kinda was except i had a really good time friday and saturday.
today was pretty kool too it's just i have been feeling kinda sick
lately so i'm not going into too much detail about anything besides
if i did this entry would go on forever. anyway i'll go into a lil
detail about Geneva's house, she lives practically down the street
from me so it's not hassle to get there. we all hang out there every
other saturday and switch houses the other saturdays. well yesterday
it was Geneva, Megan(her sister), Michele, Jeremiah, Kevin, Dan,
Steve, Andrew, Tim, Billy, Brian, and Me. We all had a blast, we
watched both of the Left Behind movies(didn't really watch them too
much talked through most of them), we play some music and sang(me-
bass, tim-drums, Neva-guitar, Jeremiah-keyboard, everyone-vocals) i
started to teach Brian and Michele how to play bass, they're really
excited about learning so its kool, its fun to teach them. anyway
the only weird thing going on in my life is my ex and I started
talking again. it's strange tho. we try to talk but we always end up
in silence, the tension is so tight. i'd like to friends with him
but it's all complicated cuz of what he did. all i know is there's
no chance of us getting back together, i don't plan on ever leaving
my Damian. he's my sexy lil teddy bear. to tell the truth he has
everything i've ever looked for in a guy. he's my perfect match and
i couldn't ask for more. i could be in the worst mood and just
talking to him puts the biggest smile on my face. baby if u read
this I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, don't 4get it. Song for this
entry: "Your Touch" by Kutless