Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-09-28 21:14:24 (UTC)

Coaches Who Can Go Screw Themselves...

I hate my volleyball coach SO MUCH. We were running all of
these suicides at practice today b/c on of the Black team
members was caught by our self-fondling principal, Mr.
Miller making out with Tyler on school property after
practice this week. Damn her! And the sick thing is she
was happy about it!!! Happy we ran suicides. Thank god
I'm not even going out for volleyball next year. I don't
see why she did this year. I don't think she enjoys it
that much and she blows off practices for Tyler.
Another reason I'm grateful volleyball's almost over is b/c
I hate playing on Orange with Tina, Maggie, Katie, Nicole,
Heather, and Elsa (her only sometimes... she plays worse
than I do most of the time). Tina ALWAYS yells at me when
I pass the ball b/c I have this little jump thing I do.
It's habit, and Coach has NEVER yelled at me about it.
Bellows didn't even yell at me last year about it, so it
must not be this God-awful thing! But yet even if I get it
to our setter (Nicole) and they get it over, she still
bitches about it. No one screams at Maggie when she does
it, but Tina yells at ME about it. Some team. They can
all go screw themselves.
Chanda's being a total bitch again. She never acts like a
best friend. It's like she doesn't like me anymore or
something. I don't know. It annoys me, b/c I luv her and
all, but she doesn't get it. She never cares about
anything I say, and she thinks Heather is the best thing
that ever happened to the eighth grade. I personally
don't. I'd rather have Heather Lavoie in our grade,
instead of her being a sophmore. Heather L.'s the best!
She's really nice, and I know she will be too, even next
year when I'm just a lousy freshmen and she's a junior,
she's just that way. In volleyball last week, she had a
cross country meet and was walking through the HS gym as we
were practicing and she talked to me for a minute while I
was sitting out. That was nice of her!
I started this online journal thing because I'm horrible
about writing in my real journal! It's sitting on one of
my headboard shelves but I never write in it, and since I'm
on the internet all the time, I figured I might as well try
this for a while.

"You Tell Me That You Care",

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