Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-28 21:05:00 (UTC)

Friday, September 28th

I sat read through my posts last night, oh what a roller
coaster. It is hard to understand how my life got to where
it is now, it is hard to just go on everyday, but that is
what I must do. I was having trouble this whole week
getting Ben to school on time, just crawling out of bed was

I was feeling like this custody thing is all going to come
back on me because I am not able to have more children. We
meet with the lawyer tomorrow, hopefully he will be able to
tell me somethings about what to expect, it would be nice
if he just had to go to court for us. We have made a
payment agreement with him, have to pay $250 a month for
the next who knows how many months (10 I think), hubby also
said he might owe some support even if we do get custody.
It said it will be minimal at best, and that he can spread
it out for 18 years if he wants. I guess maybe I am just
too much of a "need to be in control" person and with
lawyers I never feel in control.