random mumblings
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2001-09-28 21:04:02 (UTC)

i'm feeling a little down...

i know this is turning into a constant bitch session :) (as
is par for the course at this website) but i'm feeling
depressed and lonely again tonight. i want to go do
something, have fun, watch a movie, whatever, but everytime
i call up somebody to do that i feel like i'm inviting
myself...i want someone to invite me :) does that make
sense at all? i guess it's another night of sitting here,
feeling sorry for myself playing internet chess :) i can't
even watch t.v. cause the cable went out :) damn i'm a
country song. maybe i'll just go to sleep and when i wake
up it was all just a bad dream :) i have to go to work
tomorrow yay! i'm such a geek, i type
stuff in html

I CRAVE ATTENTION!!!!!!! being here by myself i get
depressed...haven't heard anything back from the job in
owen sound, so i think that's out the window. i didn't do
too much job hunting today, basically just sat on the
internet. snap out of it craig! i would call up my little
buddy mc but i always feel like i'm inviting myself when i
go over there...same with lee and jen, and i would call up
pat and kevin but i don't know if i'd feel comfortable...i
don't even know if i could sit in the same room as pat :)
i don't think that lesiege is coming to ottawa
anymore...the $1000 price tag is a little too steep. i
listened to some jimi today...i should start listening to
my cds again...my mp3s are all this shitty, depressing, sad
shit that just gets me down. jimi makes me want to rock
out! the cd i listened to today was "the jimi hendrix
experience : bbc sessions" he definitely sounds better
live than recorded that's for sure (at least from
the "live" recordings :) my favorite song on here is his
cover of "hound dog" by elvis presley where he's singing
and noel redding and mitch mitchell are howling like dogs
in the background. those guys had a lot of fun...and did a
lot of drugs. "tommy lee tells me you've smoked more endo
that anyone he's seen", "i'm the bob marley of rap" you
had to be there :) what should i throw on now...i could
throw on "badly drawn boy" which kicks ass, but is a little
too artsy fartsy for me right now. i think i'll throw
on "first rays of the new rising sun" by hendrix (for those
of you who don't know me, which hopefully is most of you, i
was like the biggest hendrix fan about 2 years ago and as a
result i have about 35 hendrix albums. here's a story for
you. here's my initial "hendrix experience"...i bought a
hendrix record - "kiss the sky" because i wanted to have a
copy of "all along the watchtower" i heard that song on the
radio and i thought it was the bomb :) so anyways, i start
playing it and i hear the beginning of "are you
experienced?" it almost sounds like record scratching and
it was unlike anything i had ever heard and i couldn't
believe what i was hearing...it was the shit. and then the
songs kept on coming - i don't live today, voodoo child,
stepping stone, killing floor, purple haze...i was in love
and deep down i still am :) well i better go find
something productive to do


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