No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-02-23 21:00:01 (UTC)


Hey! Well, I've had an eventful weekend...but not as
eventful as some of my friends.
Well, here is the scoop on's finally all out in
the open. Adam is a boy my friend Alisha has been in love
with for 4 years. They just now became friends. Well, he
wont date her becasue he has a crush on me. Yeah, crazy.
Well, Adam's best friend Christian likes me too (they both
know I have a bf) and Alisha and I found out why Adam wont
date Alisha through Christian on Friday. Adam knows that we
both know. So, we have to try to work it all out somehow.
Saturday I hung out with Terry :D, and watch My Big Fat
Greek Wedding and Masters of Disguise. They are both funny
So far today, I havent done much. Fun...
yeah, so there is part of my weekend. Just thought I'd clue
you in a little. Well, I am gunna go. Later