REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-23 20:35:59 (UTC)

convo wit me n vaness lol

LGMets4E531: hi this is reedas cat
LGMets4E531: i like cheese
LGMets4E531: purrrrrrrrrr
superwoman309: hi this is jose...vanessa dead fish
LGMets4E531: can i eat you?
superwoman309: it depends
superwoman309: do u have bad breath
superwoman309: ?
LGMets4E531: hmm
LGMets4E531: lemme smeel
superwoman309: k
LGMets4E531: (puts paw in front of mouth and goes huh huh)
superwoman309: lol
LGMets4E531: wow
superwoman309: no way jose!
superwoman309: HO SAY
superwoman309: JOSE
LGMets4E531: pur pur pur pur (laugh in cat languag)
superwoman309: haha
LGMets4E531: that was funn
LGMets4E531: y
superwoman309: yes ma'am
LGMets4E531: are you a gold fish?
superwoman309: no
LGMets4E531: are you a monkey?
superwoman309: i am an orange fish
LGMets4E531: ohhh i see
LGMets4E531: are you a cool orange fish?
LGMets4E531: you know the ones with the awsome sun glasses?
superwoman309: no im not cool i wear a thong and and
slippers around my tank im not cool enough to wear
LGMets4E531: yeah...im not cool enough for my breath to
smelll like dead fish thats been sittin in a dump for a week...
superwoman309: o
superwoman309: hhhhh
LGMets4E531: watch any good movies latley?
superwoman309: no i cant watch movies...my gills will dry out
LGMets4E531: oh yes i forgot...so sorry jose...can you watch tv?
superwoman309: sometimes
LGMets4E531: oh have you ever seen the goldfish commercial?
superwoman309:no but my brother is featured in it! hes the guy with
the cool glasses
LGMets4E531: ohh i noticed a slight resemblence!