The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-09-28 20:14:19 (UTC)

Head Pounding....

The air conditioner here at work isn't working and I
decided to wear a sweater today! With no shirt underneath
to relieve my heated body!!!! My head is pounding--I'm
extremely tired!!! I fell asleep in the bathroom this
morning--I was using the restroom and I decided to sit
there a sec...and I dozed off...and then I woke
up...strattled the toilet---bunched up my sweater under my
head and off to sleep I went.

Good thing no one came looking for me...I fell asleep for
over 30-40 minutes! My eyes still burn from
exhaustion...It has to be the pregnancy that is making me
this tired because I got plenty of sleep last night...

Well, I guess I'll write again when I'm in a better
mood....and my eyes aren't burning...and my head isn't
pounding...I'm going to go play InkLink on Shockwave.

If you haven't played this's fun..

Ok...bubye! :)