You don't want to read this
2001-09-28 20:05:22 (UTC)

This could get ugly. . .

Well, I really don't know why I'm starting this thing. I
guess I've always wanted to have someplace to write stuff
everyday or something like that. This will be my place to
vent and talk to myself (as if I don't already do that

I don't really expect anyone to read this. I mean, I don't
care if they do but no one probably cares enough to read
it. I guess people are gonna wonder what the heck is going
on in my little world over here when and if they do read
it. And the opinion that I need to seek out professional
help will more than likely come up several times also. But
I'm going make this a fairly honest journal. Actually, I'm
going to be really honest in this thing. !!!! And that
could produce some raised eyebrows. Sigh. . . I guess this
my atempt to in some sort of way reveal something about
myself,to whomever finds this interesting, without directly
having to deal with what that person may think, feel, or
want me to do about it. I do welcome any feedback though. Even if
you just tell me to get help or something.

Alright, well, this is my "mission statement" for this
thing. Hopefull I will keep up with it and write in it a
lot. It's what I'd like to do. . .but we all know that
sometimes things don't happen quite how we plan. . .