evil thoughts
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2003-02-23 19:58:18 (UTC)

my untitled song

why am i here?
why am i alive?
living this life
that i dread.
its nothin but hate
and luv and pain,
but still it makes me cry.
i try so hard
to do my best,
but it never works out.
i scream and shout

what is the point
of living this life
that always is causing me pain.
cant i just die
and leave it behind?
dont i deserve to live?
let me just leave
all of it behind

i cried agiin
theres way too much pain
from all that is going on.
its just too much to take
theres not enough time
to let it all sink in.
i need to let it all out
i scream and shout...


im on my last nerve
im ready to die
it all gotten to my head.
i looked at the gun.
i looked to the sky.
which one do i want to choose?
i need to get out
i scream and shout...

chorus 2x

ive given up
it was just too tough.
i just couldnt handle it all.
i wrote this song about myself when i am depressed. i not
getting any happier. i just hope i dont have to end it all
like that.

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