A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-09-28 19:05:35 (UTC)


Finally, its friday! My weekend seems to look alright. I
dont really have plans tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I'll
go to newark with katie and hang out with shannon.

Liz came to visit us at school! I love that girl. Shes
great. She gave me a ride home too, and thats always a plus.

DANCE!! We learned some dance in the musical! It rocks! Of
course only me and molly are the best :)

Did I mention how much a I hate U2? They suck. I hate them.
What bad music. Suck Suck SUCK!

Shannon gives me a ride to school now. Score? Score. too
bad she forgot her bookbag lol.

Maybe nows a good time to call Christine for tennis? or
should I take a nap first? hmm..

Thats right, I'm a lazy rebel.

So I was in Mr Tees room today and Corrine and her
boyfriend were just argueing over the stupidest stuff. I'm
glad me and matt dont do that. Come to think of it, I dont
even think we've been in a fight. Its great. I cant wait to
see him tomorrow. :D

...and they're off