The void
2003-02-23 18:02:38 (UTC)

+ThE MoRnInG AfTeR ThE nIgHt BeFoRe+

why was he so horrible to me? i should send him an e-mail
saying how he's sucessfully ripped my feelings out. but no,
that would be acting as if i care.well i do but i don't
want him to know that. if he's have told me why he was in a
shitty mood i could have tried to cheer him up therefore
forgetting for a while the things that were bothering
me.but no, i guess that never crossed his mind.i asked how
he was and he bit my head off! so much for 'i'll always be
there for you' what a load of BOLLOCKS! oh no
even better one 'i'll always love you' hahahaha fucking
joke. who was he trying to kid? (me obviosuly...and as
usual the word MUG springs to mind)i'll never forgive him
for not being there when i needed him the most. iv'e never
been as upset as i was last night and he wasn't there when
he said he would be.
goodbye Dave, have a nice life.ta ta!
kt said helo to me. but that's all i got. a 'elloxxxxx' no
conversation, nothing.
sod the lot of em.
Daz has been a shining star to me the past few days.he made
me write everything down in an e mail and send it to him
which i did. then he replied and in the reply was two
pictures,a girl and a cardboard box. the girl was me and
the cardboard box was where i was going to put all of my
problems and bury (in theory i did) the rest of the e
mail consisted of loads of advice.i am so grateful to him
for everything he's done. no one has ever taken that much
interest in my feelings before.i don't know how to repay
i'm going bowling tonight with jodie,sam sazene, joe skye
and a few others i think. should be fun. need something to
cheer me up anyway.
back to college tomorrow. yaaaaay