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2003-02-23 17:46:32 (UTC)

i love sean so much

on friday i was supposed to go to the staten island
mall.......but there was a big fire and we couldent
so.....but i went to chirssys house with bridget and
someone i hate(william) we ended up going to target....well
the hole time me and bridget were trying to lose william
but it didnt work........well in target they have the
easter display...and they had really big plastic eggs and
omg were the funny looking and omg we laughed really hard
then bridget like disappeared and after about 5 minutes she
popped up with a purple easter basket(with a egg on the
front and in the egg is a chick and a bunny) on her
head.......omg was that funny....its her war
helmet!!!!!!!!!!!! lol......omg we almost got kicked out it
was so much fun....but every where i turned somethign made
me think of sean............then we were sitting in the
food court place type thingy....and bridget was sittign
with her war helmet on and her aunt and uncle were there
and took a picture omg it was so funny......then yesterday
me chrissy bridget ashley cat boobie ans sheryl.....i knew
boobie but i didnt know sheryl....she was kinda
scary....she ws obsessed with wanting to see his
penis......that was the only thing she was talking
about...and she was sitting in one of thos plastic chairs
and when she got up she like peed the chair....i laughed
really really really hard....but i felt
bad......kinda.....bridgets crazy every where we go she
manages to scare someone....we went to get liek food at the
bowling alley and she is like acting all crazy like and she
starts to sing a raggae song....and then ashley was like
lest break out in to song and they all laugh but them
bridget and ashley actually break out in to song and we had
the guy behind the counter laughing...and he was like ur
crazy u actually broke out in to this black guy
comes out and he is listening to us..( we were kinda loud
and u couldent miss us) and chrissy says to bridget look a
chicken and bridget being her self looks and now they are
laughing and someone says i cant believe u looked did u
really think there was a chicken and she was laugh too hard
to say anything so the black guy goes there could have been
a chicken at the birthday party over there and bridget was
like yeah this guy is cool he got my back...and he starts
laughing really hard and he is liek yeah and whats the
chicken song and he started to dance like a chicken.....omg
we laughed really hard...then after that we went to
chrissys house and hung out....bridget hit boobie in the
crotch with a snow ball it was funny......and other stuff
happened and this went on till 8...maby 830....then my mom
called and yelled at me to get my butt home so i did...and
i talked to my baby....and his friend brandon...and i was
trying to be nice and brandon wants to go out with i tried talking to her for him but she is really
mad at him..and i told him and he started to yell at me and
call me stupid so i started to yell at him...and he makes
me so mad!!!!!!!!! but i have to not think about
this.................... omg sean is the sweetes boy friend
he is so good to me we talked for an hour abotu how much we
love each other..and he can freestlye and he maed one for
me....."SeanBeAQT: yo kerri ur like ma love fairy u got me
trippin and missin u why u gotta b in ma dreams and i b
kissin u, your somethin i wanna give all my love to" well i
gott go bye bye

sHoRtY bOtZlOlLyPoP