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2001-09-28 18:34:04 (UTC)

jennifer is coming back really..

jennifer is coming back really soon.
like in less than a month.
in less than half a month.
really fuckgin soon.
to live.
to stay.
thats weird.
i didnt expect this at all.
and now we probably wont be moving in together as quickly
as we thought
but that mihgt be a good thing.
it will be easier to figure shit out with her living here
i dont know.
its just weird.
im so happy though =)
i miss her a lot and now shell be back and thats great. =)
emily is fuckgin amazing i love her so much.
im eating cake. its yummy.
sergio is leaving tomorrow.
im about to go out with him.
probably the last time im going to see him for a long time.
i might go up there around thanksgiving.
since i wont have to be here for far.
i think i get out of school for a bit around then
maybe emily could come with me..
as a type of birthday present.
or something.
an adventure =) hehe. the two of us in chicago.
that would be interesting =) =) =)
yay fun.
im done rambling and trying to sort out my life.