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My Sacrifice
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2003-02-23 15:37:18 (UTC)

Sorry i didn't write

Hey everyone its me mick i am here to write yet as it has
been called boring diarys

had a great day today fest visited and i went and saw 8
mile which i may add was one of the most dissapointing
movies i have ever seen it just stopped no real end to it
it just stopped

anyways we have yet another person to add to my have to
kill list a bloke by the name of wombat he is what i like
to refer to as low life scum he pollutes of breatheable
air by sitting on his arse at home smoking dope and pays
for it with our hard earnt tax paying dollars i think that
australia personally should take in more refugees to work
and ship out all these dole bludging cunts that just want
to live off our cash for the hell of it i mean most of
them would have a arse cheek priont in there couches where
they sit in the chair everyday when they wake up after
getting stoned till 3 in the morning downloading music and
porn from the net

oh well anuff about that

life is good as it should be and i feel as though i have a
renewed vigor towards everything i think it may be time
for everyone to say g'day to me on messages come on its
only polite to say g'day after you have read what i write
most days i really just wanna know that some one is
reading this

my donation funds still haven't been added to so if you
want leave a donation for me

drug of the day : still bourbon
song for the day : no one knows - qotsa

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