Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-02-26 08:37:11 (UTC)

Alright for Expensive Food :)

So, here I am...VERY early Monday morning. Talking to some
hot guy from Massachussettes. Damn...he is fine!! LOL
Anyways, what a weekend...

I already told ya'll about Friday...I think...if not..oh
well. It was Bretz. Boring as ever.

Saturday- Since I had gone home Friday night, Saturday
morning at the Sowell, Rupp, Goulet residence was rather
quiet, excluding the million and one phone calls from
annoying McDonald's buddies for Josh and of course, Carla
made her daily mooch off Josh for a ride or
something, I'm sure. So, I went over to Chris' around 3:30
and Marc showed up shortly after. We sat around and I
waited for the right moment to talk to them about the
previous nights events. Of course that never happened. I
was too damned happy just being with them...all things
forgiven...all things, yet again...left unsaid. I wanted
to say..."I dont' want to hold you back from anything...I
dont' want to be your regrets." But of course, no words
came out...only laughter and all they saw was a smile.

So we lounged around until like 6 o'clock and I was
like..."C'mon, I'm leaving to get something to eat if you
fuckers don't come on now". So, we left and Marc decided
he would be gracious (which he always is, btw) and take
Chris and I to Lonestar...I LOVE LONESTAR!!! We had to
wait for an hour to get seated, cuz it was Saturday night
and it was majorly packed. It was worth the wait though.
We all had Filet Mignon...God...that stuff should be a sin,
cuz it's so good. I left there WAY TOO FULL. I was ready
to burst.

So, as we in the restaurant...Brian (black Brian from BG)
called Chris' celluar phone and said that he wanted us to
come get him and go to the club with us...So, since Marc
was sorta dating him...He got online when we got home and
IMed and told him we were on our way. Now this caused mass
drama. There was no way we could take all the people we
wanted to go...there was Marc, Chris, Bryan (designated
driver), Brian, Sonja (Brian and Sonja were in cahoots in
going, so we had to take both) and myself. There was no
way we could all go in one of our tiny ass cars. Then
there was the option that Bryan would just make two
trips...I'm like, "from Chris'...that's illogical". We
couldn't party at our apartment, cuz Josh is usually home
at night and works in the morining... he would just get
pissed off and cause drama, so we had to go from Chris'.
Finally Chris said what I wanted to say but couldn't for
fear Marc woudl get pissed off. He told Marc that Brian
and Sonja were the problem...we should just go without
them...I was very proud of Chris...yay for Chris. Marc
agreed, which really surprised me...and proceeded to tell
me that it would never work out with him and Brian cuz of
the distance problem...there was no way he could drive to
BG all the time to pick him up and everything... and other
things which is inappropriate for this diary :) So, it was
settled...we lied to Brian and Sonja and told them that we
had all gotten into a major fight and decided not to go. I
know that seems so bad, but the whole situation was too
stressful to deal with for us...besides the three of us get
along better when no one is with us anyways.

So, we went to Bretz...I was sick from eating so much food
sooo late and trying to drink on top of Marc and I
sat out from dancing and chilled mostly with Nick Cole. We
made fun of all the dirty-balls and dirty-butts that walked
by us. It was quite amusing for us. We left the bar at
like 2:30.

Sunday- I drove Marc to work (he was an hour late,
oopppsss)went back to sleep and woke up only to pick Marc
back up from hour early...hmmm....he lost a good
two and half hours today...oh well. We spent the rest of
the day lounging around, messing with the camera
thingy...and just goofing off. Then Queer as Folk came on
and we enjoyed our hour of profound gay thinking...:)

Overall, I had an excellent weekend!! Enough
updating...night all... :P