Restless Comet Diary
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2003-02-23 14:37:49 (UTC)

Oh God,please noNoooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~

Why me?Why me?God why did You let this happen to me,why??
Why did you let that terrible thing happen to me,why???I
doubt that was your will,then why didn't you avoid that?
Actually I have to calm down..I'm not sad,just shocked
for that thing that happened.I'd like to talk to someone
and tell what happened but NO!!!I will never tell to
anyone.What will they think about me?Even the few people
that remained close to me will leave me.I don't want this
to happen anymore.I will keep my mouth shut and anything
will be back to normal.It wouldn't be fair if people judged
me for that.I'm praying everynight,I make the sign of the
cross when I pass by the churches and I ask God for help
when I need it.It wouldn't be fair.There!!!

So,going back to my life I'm pretty ok.Yesterday there
was an idiot on #csh that made me upset.He likes to annpy
me but this time he humiliated me.So I called Florin and I
told him and now the cuckoo guy has no access on the
channel and Florin finally removed his ban because I felt
pity for him after all.I am not bad and I'm not trying to
be.It's not worth it.
Tomorrow I'm going to school and I hope I'll find out the
result of the english contest.My teacher promised she is
going to bring it on Monday.
*sigh*My mommy called today.She is moving to another city
in Greece.She said she's gonna work there.What happened
with the greek guy though?Wasn't she satying with him in
Athens?Hmmm weird...Maybe they'll move together..or's not my business:XI just miss her a lot and I
wish she was here and I wish some other persons where here
too~~.Now I'm reading my old e-mails and remembering about
a lot of things...Oh no!My fave greeting cards I got are out of term
and I cant see them again :S
:)There's all me in a smile:)