Epics of me
2003-02-23 12:52:32 (UTC)

new kid

walking in on unfamiliar faces
as always showed up late
new school, new state
immediately overcome by an aura of hate

dragged to the front of the room
greeted by a few forced "hi's"
i try not to look them in the eye
wishing i could just shrivel up and die

quickly escape to the back of the room
i throw down my bag and lower my head
the next 6 hours i dread
walking slowly to the next room my feet made of lead

feeling eyes burn holes in the back of my head
waiting for me to make a mistake
sitting alone in every class i take
wishing this was a dream from which i could wake

pinching myself to no avail
finally i hear the ringing of the bell
my soul i wish i could sell
so i would never have to come back to this hell

walk outside and get on the bus
watching the building blur and fade
worried about all the mistakes i had made
are all their hearts made of jade?

was it the way i dress?
did i commit some horrible sin?
finally i confess.....
i just want to fit in