just me...
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2003-02-23 12:45:14 (UTC)

blah blah...

crammin for a test on a stupid book i didn't read. i'm
screwed. :P hahaha~! well, just wanted to write a little
something...hehehe~ i love kris! he's so wonderful! :)
oh, i got in trouble... :( after church, i
went and hung out at kris' til like my family was
unaware of my whereabouts for...7 hours? maybe 8... yea,
so my mom says i'm not going anywhere and that she was
gonna talk to me when she got home...but she came home and
didn't say a word. so i went and asked if she wanted to
talk to me...and she said not kinda scared and
worried about what she's gonna say. i'm thinkin she's
probably gonna call my to her about it and
then talk to me about. gosh darn. this really sucks.
i'm just tryin to spend what i can with kris...i love the
kid! :) heehee~ but yea, i'm not doin too good about
informin my family...i should've called...i always should
call, but i don't want to, cuz callin home, will just give
them a way of tellin me to get home...which means, leave
kris... :( i hate being away from kris. he's just makes
me so freakin happy~ wish i never had to be away from him~