Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-23 12:28:43 (UTC)

3 Sundays ago

Well it has now been 3 weeks since me and Gab broke up.
Tonight she asked me to "admit it to her that I don't like
her anymore." Man she has no idea how much I adore her.
When I look at her I'm just so taken. I love her so much...
Just as much as I ever have. I don't know why she wants me
to tell her that. It sucks. Oh well I won't confuse myself
right now cos I have Uni tommorrow. Wow. I'm excited. I'm
trying to get Phil and Kaelah to talk to eachother. It's so
damn annoying. the're both just winging. They need to just
grow up and talk it over. They can't just end their whole
awesome thing that they have as friends becasue of one
little thing. man. The're my two best friends. But yeah..
don't stress Michael.. you've got to focus on your studies
from now on. I've been listening to a lot of the covers on
the "I am Sam" soundtrack. A very cool album. I've been
getting into this Sarah Mclaughlan cover of 'blackbird' by
Paul Mcartney. Such a sweet song. Today every body kept on
telling me that I seemed really sad and depressed. I spose
I just feel really Jaded with everything. But at the same
time I'm excited like a mofo for University. Oh well - got
to get a good sleep tonight so bye bye!