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2001-09-28 17:04:13 (UTC)

weekend of babysitting...:(

My brother called this morning, will i watch A. for the
weekend? he has to work and the babysitter is away for the
weekend, and my nephews grandmothers hubby (whatever) went
nuts, they had to call mental health.:( im not looking
forward to this at all, first of all, i hope he doesnt
expect me to come over there, i hate it over there! no tv
and worse, no computer!!
This is all S's fault, if she would have only worked and
paid her fines her ass wouldnt be in jail! then they let
her out so she could work, she got a job, then quit or got
fired, not sure what the story is there!
Sometimes i feel like running away from everyone! they ask
me to do these things for them, but as soon as i need
something from them, all ive done for them in the past gets
If i dont forget im going to mail that letter to Jeff
tonight.:) i should put it out in the mailbox for the mail
man to take it today, i dont know, maybe i will, im still
scared to send it.LOL but A. was right, i dont have
anything to lose, ive already been through Jeff's wrath, he
cant do anymore to hurt me then what hes already done...
Im also worried about my walking this weekend, how am i
going to walk with a 2 year old??? i cant skip my walks, id
feel so bad.. i figure if i take them early in the morning
instead of late at night Roy will be here to watch A., of
course i could take them after Roy comes home from work, by
that time A. will be sleeping, but, if J. wants me to come
over there that blows everything out of the water! ill have
to come up with a new plan, i dont know my way around over
there, id hate to get lost.LOL man, always

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