ramblings of a madwoman
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2003-02-23 08:46:20 (UTC)

sibba jaabbboo djoooo

Wow, just made it through the week from hell.

Okay, that's exaggeration, but it was truly unpleasant.
I've had to write more essays in the last month than almost
all other times combined in my life. Also an exaggeration,
but not a big one. As I've said before, I've got 5 courses.
All five I had homework for this weekend. I used the Pro-D
Day on friday to do a bunch of shit, so now I'm mostly
caught up, thank God.

My right foot hurts for some reason.

Yep, had to work today. Good ol' concrete floors are soooo
fun to stand on for 8 hours straight. But I had super fun
tonight to counteract that shittiness. I went to Cafe Deux
Soiliels on Commercial Dr. which I highly reccomend to any
art-wanks or hippies out their. They make the very best
veggie burgers I have ever had and the salad is nothing to
sneeze at either. Great live music too, no cover charge and
the food is CHEAP. The seats in the booths are ripped to
shit but that's part of the boheimian look, methinks.

So next saturday, super Katie birthday. I'll be 18, which
means little except that I can now buy porn. Another year
before I can go to bars, and I'm counting down the days
now. 372 by my count. My parents are taking me and my
boyfriend out for a supa fancy dinner and I look forward to
the inevitable deliciousness.

Anyway, moving on to something more serious.

With all of this "growing up" shit hitting me at once (or
over the last year or so) I haven't thought much on my
purpose. I did that tonight and it was really scary because
I have absolutely no idea of what to do with myself. I
don't have the patience to write; I'd make a great
therapist except that I would take other people's problems
home with me and eventually depress the hell out of me; I'd
be down with massage therapy but the cost of a 3-4 year
course in it is about 25 grand, and the turnover isn't
remarkable by any means. Oh well. Give me suggestiions,
because I have no fucking clue. I feel kind of lost right
now actually. I wonder if I'll ever get it figured out
enough to live a satisfying life. That'd be really nice,
now, wouldn't it?

I want to be happy, but it takes so much effort and

Ugh. My nose is bleeding because it's so cracked inside.
Not from drugs of course, but from a shitty continual cold.

I guess that's it... peace out homies.

AFI-- Girl's Not Grey