Montana bound
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2003-02-23 07:11:21 (UTC)

Baggage check

I hate my life. Well, okay, so I don't, but there are
a lot of things to complain about. For all you optimists
out there, I KNOW there's more to be grateful for, but, in
the classic tradition of humanity, I'm minimizing the good
and exaggerating the bad.
I actually had an alright time tonight. As I said
before, Kara's out of town, so my motivation to go to the
dance was gone. I went to Blake's house for the evening,
he was stuck baby-sitting his little brother, so I decided
(being the nice guy I am) to go over and hang out with him,
possibly help him hog tie his little brother if he was
being particularly annoying. It was pretty fun. We didn't
really get to talk about anything, basically just sat
around. Watched "The Emperor's New Groove" and played
Goldeneye(that's right, the ancient Nintendo 64 game. Some
of us aren't privelaged enough to have an X-Box, Game Cube,
PS2, or other such advanced systems the day they leave the
factory), and other than that, we vegitated.
On the way home, while Blake was giving me a ride, he
was telling me about how things are going with Brycee, his
current girlfriend. I'm happy for him that he's got this
an all, but if any more of my friends start telling me
about a girl they hooked up with, I'm going to go insane
and hurt someone. I haven't had anything more serious than
a casual aquaintance with any girl for over two years now,
and it's starting to grate on my nerves that nearly all of
my friends except me seem to have God's own benevolence in
that area.
The thing is, there's a ray of hope, if not a bright
one. I know that Kara has at least some interest in me,
and it's quite obvious that I have more than a little in
her. The only problem with this is she's still Hell-bent
on getting Skeeter back one of these days. She's perfectly
content to act suggestively around me when we're alone, but
whenever Skeeter's around, she's very sure to keep any guy
at arm's length. ....Any guy but Skeeter, that is. In some
respects, she's as bad as Nicole, another girl who's trying
to catch his attention. But whereas Nicole will come right
out and tell him that she thinks he should dump Alyssa and
come with her, Kara is willing to wait, albeit a bit
impatiently. I hate to say anything negative of her, but
the truth is, if she thought she could get away with it,
she would unleash a plague of rumors upon the student body
concerning Skeeter and Alyssa to alienate them, then she'd
be right there at his side to console him for his loss.
The problem with her plan is that Skeeter has no
intention of leaving Alyssa for some time yet, and everyone
but Kara approves of this plan. I'm hoping that eventually
I can get her to move on from Skeeter. I do like her, and
I wish we could build some sort of relationship between
each other, however until and unless she can get over
Skeeter, that just can't happen. I don't mean that I won't
let it, I mean that it quite literally can't happen. I
know from experience that two people cannot have a
successful relationship if the feelings of one of those
people lies elsewhere. It simply doesn't work.
Well, hopefully this upcoming week will change
things. I've got to go see the local high school play on
Monday or Tuesday, it's my recompense to Sean and Dan for
not even trying out. I'm hoping that when I do go, I can
talk Kara into going with me. It will be fun, I'm sure
I'll be able to gain some ground with her, and maybe I can
work through this problem a little bit. Until then.....